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Why Adobe? The Open Hospital

What makes up special and why should you come work with us out of all the hospitals in the Bay Area?

Because, we are an open hospital. 

We are proud of our team and we want to show off your superhero skills to the world! No hiding behind closed doors at Adobe.  You will do many of your skills and treatments in front of clients.  You will see it saves time, earns the respect of the clients, the pets are often happier and you will experience a different level of relationship and trust with your clients and your patients.  You can be proud to be an Adobe Superhero!

Not sure yet?  Check out the video of our superheroes in action and then hear straight from them what they think about an open hospital!

See our Superheroes in Action with our Open Hospital and Our Clients

We get to brag to other techs, doctors & even our family about how cool our hospital is! 

Trends Magazine-Open Hospital Feature Article

See pages 24-30

We are proud to work in an Open Hospital!

“The Open Hospital allows us to work as a team with the owner to decide what is going to be best for the pet.  Owners are there to see what treatments we are doing and how the pet is responding to them.  Together we work to make the pet as comfortable as possible while getting them the best care possible. After working with clients in this way, I couldn’t imagine working at a hospital that doesn’t offer this!

As the owner of one German Shepherd and two cats, I love the open hospital aspect!  I see the hard work that the medical team puts into the treatment of my pets and how much they care for them!  Also, in the few times my pets have had reactions to things, I was able to see what happened, how fast everybody responded to make sure they were okay all the while explaining everything to me.  You will definitely see value for what you pay for here!  Now, even if I can’t be there, I know they are in good hands.” ~ Summer Burke-Irmiter, Hospital Administrator, Owner

“An Open Hospital to me means a place where clients can be with their pets during a treatment or procedure. This often helps the pet be less scared and allows the owner to be a part of the process.” ~ Jennifer Koga, DVM,Hospital Owner

“Cusco got into the trash last month and I had to take him to the local emergency vet here in Pittsburgh.  They wouldn’t let me be involved with any treatments and whisked him away for 2 hours to do xrays and emesis.  I cried as soon as he left me and I was so nervous.  It was the first time in 20 years my pet was taken from me and I imagine how hard it must be for clients especially in critical emergency situations.  I am so so proud to be part of an open hospital policy and truly believe it is the best for everyone.”

~Natalia, Remote Veterinary Technician who worked as a surgery technician with us before going remote.
“I just came back from the Uncharted Veterinary Conference that I work for. I had numerous conversations with people about our open hospital system. The conversations always start with shock and horror over the idea, but after talking about it, so many people were like, ok it actually doesn’t sound that bad at all! I hope our hospital can be a guide to help other hospitals transition to the open hospital structure. It’s just so important and wonderful!!!!!”
~Kelsey, ICU Technician

“I can not imagine working in a non open hospital. That seems very foreign to me. Love this place and all we do for our patients and the clients.” ~Simone, ICU Technician (pictured with Team Member who retired after 23 years)

“I love it, so proud of what we provide to our patients and their families!! :)”
~Cindy, Client Experience Manager and Veterinary Technician (pictured with Adobe Tech that retired after 33 years with the hospital in 2018)

Be Proud, Work In An Open Hospital!

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