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Schedule nail trims with groomers and help keep them Fear Free!

Starting Monday May 13th, we will no longer be providing nail trim
services that are not medically necessary.

We strive to keep nail trims Fear Free for all of our patients. For many
pets, a groomer is the best choice for this service. There is a small
number of pets who can’t go to the groomer due to medical or behavior
issues– and our medical team needs to focus on working with them.
Help us, and help those pets who have a difficult time with nail trims, by
using your local groomer.

Our area has a number of highly rated and recommended groomers.
You can download the list below (List of Alternate Nail Trim Services) to
find one near you.

We will still be performing a limited number of nail trims for pets that
can’t go to a groomer: those with medical issues (such as nails that are
grown into the paw pad), behavior issues (pets who need to be sedated
for nail trims), and for exotics (groomers do not do exotic nail trims).

All nail trims will be charged for, even those done with a Doctor’s exam.

This is one of several initiatives we are taking to help shorten medical
service wait times for our clients and patients. And if you have a
groomer you’d like to recommend, please let our online Chat Team
know so we can add them to the list!