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Protecting your flock

7/12/19- We are very happy to report that there have been no new cases of Newcastle Disease in any chicken in the Bay Area for over 120 days! This means we can see chickens at both locations for any conditions again.  Thank you to all the chicken owners for working with us to keep the hospital and Bay Area Newcastle free!

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Tips to keep your family flock safe from Newcastle. While we haven’t seen any cases yet at Adobe, and we have only heard of one confirmed case in the Bay Area, we want to make sure your flock is safe and protected!

1. Keep a closed flock, do not add new chickens at this time, except from reputable sources and then keep them quarantined for at least a week. 

2. Avoid visiting other flocks of chickens, if you are around other chickens wash clothes and shoes before working with your home flock.

3. Protect waters and feeders from wild birds.4 Disinfect waters and feeders often 

4. Disinfect waters and feeders often 

5. Limit access to your chickens from other poultry owners.6  Do not enter your  birds in any 4-H shows or livestock fairs.

6.  Do not enter your  birds in any 4-H shows or livestock fairs.

7.  Avoid any county fairs or livestock shows that include poultry.  

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