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Adobe Animal Hospital has one of the largest on-site veterinary pharmacies in the Bay Area where quality, service, value and choice are as much a part of doing business as the fact that we love animals.  We are committed to the health of every horse, cat, rabbit, dog, hamster, parrot, guinea pig, panda, leopard and many other furry (or none furry) friends who takes the medicines we provide.


If a mass-manufactured drug is not right for an animal in your life, we have many ways to customize the flavor, dosage and dosage-form to help make sure that animals who need our help take the medicine the doctor orders.

Adobe Aniamal Hospital Pharmacy hires pharmacy technicians who are PCAB-Accredited

Adobe Animal Hospital Pharmacy is proud that many of our pharmacy technicians are PCAB Accredited, demonstrating that we meet the highest standards of quality and safety. When it comes to the animals in your care, what could matter more than that?