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Open Hospital Los Altos

What is an Open Hospital? Well, Adobe Animal Hospital was founded and built around the concept of the Open Hospital and in basic terms it means that you will always be able to be with and support your pet while any medical treatments are being performed.

But, I’m sure our Managers and Doctors can explain it better…..

“The Open Hospital allows us to work as a team with the owner to decide what is going to be best for the pet.  Owners are there to see what treatments we are doing and how the pet is responding to them.  Together we work to make the pet as comfortable as possible while getting them the best care possible. After working with clients in this way, I couldn’t imagine working at a hospital that doesn’t offer this!

As the owner of one German Shepherd and two cats, I love the open hospital aspect!  I see the hard work that the medical team puts into the treatment of my pets and how much they care for them!  Also, in the few times my pets have had reactions to things, I was able to see what happened, how fast everybody reacted to make sure they were okay all the while explaining everything to me.  You will definitely see value for what you pay for here!  Now, even if I can’t be there, I know they are in good hands.” ~ Summer Holmstrand, Hospital Administrator, Owner.

Summer and Sugaree.









“An Open Hospital to me means a place where clients can be with their pets during a treatment or procedure. This often helps the pet be less scared and allows the owner to be a part of the process.” ~Jennifer Koga, DVM (Hospital Owner)