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Two Locations

One Superhero Team, Two Locations

Adobe South Bay in Los Gatos

This is our newest location!  It was opened because we have a lot of clients in the South Bay that were driving all the way up to Los Altos!  As our main location got busier and busier, we thought we would open a smaller but still medically advanced hospital in the Los Gatos.

This hospital is still busy but it is on a smaller level than Los Altos.  Many people who are really nervous about the size of our Los Altos location will consider applying here.   Please note that just because it is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s not a busy hospital. You will be able to utilize many of your skills here in multiple areas of the hospital and the team is willing to train anybody who is eager!

Fun facts about the area: Philz Coffee and Super Duper is in the same shopping center!  In the adjacent shopping centers you will find Peets, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Chipolte, Whole Foods and Lunardi’s.  And if you need a carb, greasy spoon fix, Happy Hound is within walking distance! K9 Fit is also based at this location so you can work out with your dog before or after work! No driving required!

Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos

Our main hospital has been in Los Altos for over 50 years!  We have grown from a 1 doctor practice to a 30 doctor practice!  You will work with a larger team here, which means there is always somebody around to help or answer a question.  We do many specialty type procedures here and have all of the toys to go with it.  We see about 300 patients a day at this hospital so you can really make a difference in a lot of pets lives here!  It can get pretty busy but you will have an amazing team to support you and there are many opportunities to learn and gain more knowledge!

This hospital has 4 grocery stores within a block of it (Whole Foods, Safeway, Trade Joes and Sprouts) which means eating healthy is easy!  We have a ton of lunch spots including Dittmers, Pho, Chef Chu’s, La Salsa, Sajj, The Counter and Sushi.  There are two Starbucks and a Peets for your coffee needs.  Last but not least, Pacific Catch and Paul Martins are great dinner spots to meet friends or loved ones and have a cocktail after a day of work!