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K9 Fit Club

Adobe Animal Hospital is introducing K9 Fit Club, a lifestyle company dedicated to the fitness and of dogs and people!

Our goal behind offering K9 Fit Club is to create the opportunity for fitness & wellness for both people and their pooches, and these programs combine the time-saving benefits of bonding and working out with your pup while offering a fun, safe, and controlled environment. K9 Fit Club is designed to be achievable by people of all ages and activity levels, so we are focused on helping you and your dog achieve YOUR personal best and add some spring to your step!

 We know that people and their canines face similar health challenges: weight management, stress, lack of energy and medical conditions such as arthritis and heart disease. It can be heartbreaking to leave your canine companion at home while you go to the gym, and so in some cases we opt to forgo our workouts so we can spend time at home with our pup – and most of the time, we become couch potatoes with our dogs rather than taking them out for some much-needed exercise. K9 Fit Club was designed to help both ends of the leash, creating health and wellness programs to live a longer, healthier and happier life together. 

Check out the K9 Fit Club Facebook Page for times and dates of classes!  We do them several times a week and at varying hours!


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