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Food & RX Pick-Up Procedure

Please use the following directions when coming to pick up food or prescriptions. These protocols are in place to help keep you, our team members and community safe. Thank you!

Prior to pick up

Please call ahead of time for payment and pick up instructions. If you are able to make the payment over the phone when you call in, this will be the easiest way and help reduce physical interactions.

Directions to Grey/White Tent and Pharmacy Parking Spots

  • As you pull into our driveway, continue driving straight to the back of the building. Continue driving around the back of the building and then back up to the front. This puts you in a perfect position to pull into/see our designated parking spots.
  • Please pull in to pharmacy/food pick up spots 1, 2, or 3. If the parking spots are full, please wait in your car by the white tent.  
  • Call us and let us know your LAST NAME, PETS NAME, and PARKING STALL # you are in.
  • Please roll down your back seat window so we can place the medication/food in your back seat. OR if you prefer, you can open your trunk and we can place the medication/food in your trunk. 
  • Please stay in your car.