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Video Visits -What are they, and how can they help your pet stay out of the Adobe lobby this Summer?

In the past year, has your pet struggled with any of the following? Itchy skin or hotspots Repeat ear infections A limp that recovered with rest and pain medication Diarrhea “Kennel cough” Behavioral issues Etc! Did you bundle your pet and/or family into the car, sit in Bay area traffic, and then wait in the Read more »

K9 Influenza Has Returned to the Bay Area. Vaccine Info From Adobe Doctors:

Recently there have been confirmed cases of Canine Influenza in the bay area. Adobe does recommend the Canine Influenza Vaccine, especially if your pet comes in contact with other dogs. Here are the recommended guidelines for vaccination. 1. If your dog has not been vaccinated, they will need one vaccine now and a booster in Read more »