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Urgent Care


Please note: Adobe South Bay only does emergency and urgent care during it’s regular hours.  Please go to Adobe Los Altos or your nearest emergency vet for emergencies in the evening or on Sundays.

Welcome to Adobe Animal Hospital!

We know that pets get sick at all times of the day and night. We know that it isn’t always possible to get an appointment as soon as your pet may need to be seen. In these situations, we are happy to see you and your pet on a walk-in basis. This hand out should help you understand what to expect if you walk in to Adobe without a scheduled appointment.

What happens when I arrive? When you arrive, the Client Services Representative will check your pet into Urgent Care.  Depending on the severity of your pet’s problem, a triage technician may be asked to check your pet. 

  • Pets with severe injuries or dangerous medical conditions are typically rushed back to our treatment area. 
  • If it is determined that your pet’s problem is mild or not urgent, you may be encouraged to make an appointment.  If this is the case, that’s great news! Please schedule an appointment if at all possible. This helps us see the sicker patients more quickly.
  • If it is determined that your pet is not critically ill but should be seen in the next few hours, we will ask you to take a seat in the waiting room until one of our Veterinarians is able to see your pet. 
  • Urgent, but not critically sick pets are seen in the order they arrived.

How long will it take before a Veterinarian examines my pet?

When seeing walk-in patients, it can be difficult to predict how many will come in, and how long the wait time might be. Our goal is to see patients within 1-2 hours of when they check in.  We ask for your patience if you are here at a time when many other pets need to be seen. We recognize that your time is valuable and are working as hard and as fast as we can to take care of you and your pet as quickly as possible. 


How much does it cost for my pet to be examined by the Urgent Care Veterinarian?

  • From 7 AM to 5 PM, the Exam Fee is $175, or $200 if your pet is critically ill and rushed back to our treatment area.
  • From  5 PM to 11:45 PM, the Exam Fee is $200*. 
  • From 11:45 PM to 6:45 AM (Adobe LA only), the Exam Fee is $240*. 

*Please confirm South Bay hours before going since they are not 24/7 like Adobe Los Altos.

What does the Urgent Care Exam Fee include?

The exam fee includes the Veterinarian discussing your pet’s problem with you, examining your pet, and coming up with a medical plan that addresses your pet’s illness. The exam fee does not include diagnostics or treatments such as x-rays, bloodwork, or medication to go home. Please feel free to ask your Veterinarian for an estimate of the cost of your pet’s medical plan.

I have many concerns about my pet. Will the Veterinarian address all of them?

The Urgent Care Veterinarian will address medically urgent problems.  Unfortunately, the doctor typically will not have time to discuss unrelated, long term concerns such as behavior problems or chronic allergies. We are happy to schedule a follow up exam for your pet so you can have those issues addressed. 

My pet is not a dog or a cat. Is there a Veterinarian available who sees Exotic species?

Please see important detailed information about After Hours Care for your exotic here: Adobe After Hours Information For Exotics

Can I choose which Veterinarian will see my pet?

Unfortunately, we are rarely able to accommodate requests for a specific Veterinarian if you arrive without an appointment. You are welcome to let the front desk know your preference. The Client Services Representative will relay your request but your preferred doctor may simply not be available.

If you were told that a particular Veterinarian was seeing walk-in cases at a particular time, that does not guarantee you will see that doctor. We often have more than one doctor at a time seeing urgent care patients. It is also very common that the scheduled doctor is working with a critical patient and other doctors have stepped in to help. 

Does Adobe provide Preventative Care like Vaccines, Health Certificates, and Annual Exams on a Walk-In Basis?

We reserve our walk-in services for patients whose medical condition requires them to be seen before a scheduled appointment is available. We do not see Annual Exams, Vaccine Appointments, or do Health Certificates on a walk-in basis.