Spaying Your Female Dog

“Spaying” refers to any surgical procedure which removes the ovaries, the source of hormones that cause female dogs to have estrus cycles (“heats”) and allows them to reproduce. There are


Mushroom Toxicity

Easier to Prevent than Treat.  The rainy season in Northern California brings a bounty of beautiful flora and fauna.   Many clients have questions and concerns about exposure of their pet


Lilies are Toxic for Cats

Lily toxicity in cats is well recognized by veterinarians, but many cat owners are unaware of the dangers of these plants. The toxic varieties include Easter lilies, day lilies, tiger lilies, rubrum


Top Ten Toxic Substances

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association and estimated 63% of American households own pets. Our pets have access to multiple toxins in our homes for which we are unaware. To help


Holiday Hazards for your Pet

Tis indeed the season to eat holly, as well as poinsettias, chocolate, tinsel, ribbon, raisin spice cake, turkey carcasses, whatever is in the garbage can, maybe some leftovers from the table, that