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Treats for Chickens Chicken Crack

Chicken Crack™! Treats for Chickens exclusive drive-your-flock wild...

Treats for Chickens Chicken Crack

Treats for Chickens Chicken Crack

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Chicken Crack™! Treats for Chickens exclusive drive-your-flock wild combination of certified organic grains, seeds, dried meal-worms and dried river shrimp (see ingredient list below). Chicken Crack™treats for backyard chickens are a fun and tasty treat for the whole flock; chicks and pullets scurry for the smaller bits while the older, wiser and mature feathered fowl go for it all.

Did you know that dried Meal-worms increase feather sheen and adds valuable proteins and nutrients to a hens diet? And, those river shrimp are pretty darn irresistible as well. If you are looking for a way to add Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to your diet look no further. We've added flax seed to our Chicken Crack blend to accomplish just that. Flax seeds are also a good oil source. Last but not least: let's not forget that Sunflower Seeds contain good oils, added fiber AND chickens adore them. Each and every seed. So, go ahead: treat your chickens to some Chicken Crack.

Hand feed or sprinkle on the ground to encourage natural foraging behaviors.

Either way it's a great goodie and treat for happy hens to have on hand.

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