What Does It Mean To Be An Adobe Superhero?

Teamwork • Initiative • Communication 

Why do we think we have a team of superheroes here at a vet hospital?  Our team makes a superhero sized difference in the lives of pets every day!  They use their skills, their compassion and their knowledge to help cats, dogs, chinchillas, rabbits, reptiles and other exotics 24 hours, 7 days a week!  From puppy vaccines to life support, our team is ready to respond!

Here’s a video of Adobe Superheroes in action!


Our Doctors Think We Have An Amazing Team of Superheroes!

How Do You Become an Adobe Superhero?

With a professional yet fun and informal work environment at Adobe, we strive to make our interview experience the same!  Our process is set up so we really get to know YOU, who you are, what you want and to see if there is a place you can be successful and make a difference at Adobe!

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Meet The Interview Team! 

We know interviewing can be nerve wracking no matter how much we want you to be relaxed!  Hopefully seeing some of the faces that will be interviewing you will help with this! During the in person interview you will be invited to our hospital to meet with our interview team; Jamie Holms, Shannon Rose, Summer Holmstrand- Irmiter and Megan Hacker.  The interview team will split up into 2 teams and you will meet with each team for about 30 min’s -1 hour. You will also have a 10-15 min break between your interviews.

Megan Hacker
Megan Hacker

     I was a big ball of nerves when I decided to apply for a position at Adobe Animal Hospital in July 2004. I had previously worked in the medical field but never in a hospital and never with animals! What would I do if an animal came in and was injured? How would I help them? That scared me the most! I had been a client of Adobe since 1996 and every time I brought my pets in I thought it was the coolest place! The front desk seemed to have a good time with the clients and each other, the techs were nice to my pets, and the doctor sat on the floor so my anxious dog would come to her. I was excited about the opportunity to work in such a cool environment. After 13 years with Adobe I can say without a doubt in my mind that applying for the position and going through the interview process was the best decision I have ever made.  

     When I’m not working with the other managers and team members to help our hospital run smoother, I’m reviewing cover letters, resumes, talking to applicants over the phone, in person, by Skype and by email.  My greatest challenges are also my favorite lessons. I’ve had many challenges at Adobe and I’m looking forward to new challenges for me to learn and grow from. It may be uncommon to hear that someone enjoys challenges, but over the years the challenges have become my favorite experiences because of the lessons I’ve learned, the growth that has come from them and the support from my fellow managers and team members. My favorite responsibility right now is make connections and building relationships with our candidates, learning about them and seeing how they could fit into our team.

     When I’m not working I really enjoy cooking for my family and friends. It’s a great way for me to spend time with everyone while doing something that I enjoy. I enjoy making anything from steaks, tacos and fish and one of my favorites, seared sesame seed Ahi tuna with a yummy sauce that I change up every time I make it. Oh, and I neverfollow recipes and for that reason I never bake!

Megan Hacker

Recruiting Coordinator

Shannon Rose
Shannon Rose

    Back in 2006 I was fresh out of pharmacy technician school and was excited to start my career. I had high hopes of continuing on in the area of pharmacy I had done my externship experience in: IV admixture and TPN preparation. I loved the feeling of being in the laminar flow hood, preparing medications for (human) patients in an inpatient hospital setting. Unfortunately they didn’t have any job openings at the time, and it was proving extremely difficult for me to find positions in my “dream” job at other hospitals as well. Disappointed, I made a meeting with my career services department at my college. I’ll never forget the day that I heard the words, “Well, there’s this animal hospital hiring… would you be interested in that at all?”

    Veterinary medicine? I never even thought it would be a possibility to work as a pharmacy technician in a veterinary hospital setting. That being said, I’m an open minded person and I thought, “Sure, I like animals, why not give it a try? I’ll just wait for my “dream” job to come around while getting some job experience.”

    Unknowingly, I made the best decision of my career. I found out that what I truly loved was not only the technical part of pharmacy, but working with clients and my other team members. I now had the opportunity to really put what I had learned in school to use. I was able to help clients really understand the medications they were using to help their family members get on the road to recovery, and a lot of times helping them troubleshoot how to give medications to the finicky ones too. I was helping clients learn how to medicate their new puppies or their old grumpy kitties, to preparing medications for snakes, guinea pigs, parakeets, you name it! I had fallen in love with veterinary medicine. Every day was different and I found myself excited to go to work every day for a new challenge!

    Almost 11 years later I can genuinely say I still have the same excitement going to work every day. A couple of years into my position I had the opportunity to grow and step into the manager role of the pharmacy department. The Leadership of Adobe truly believed in me and gave me the tools I needed to succeed and grow not only as a professional, but as a person too. When I’m not at Adobe, my favorite things to do are just simply spending time with my family and playing my guitar or cello. I’ve taken up golfing recently, so we will see how that goes!

Shannon Rose, CPhT

Pharmacy Manager

Jamie Holms
Jamie Holms

     In the late summer of 2011 I was online looking for a veterinary facility to take my dogs to when I was in the bay area on the weekends, on that off chance something happened.  When I came across Adobe Animal Hospital’s website, I knew I’d found not just where I would take my pets in an emergency, but where I wanted to work. I applied, interviewed, and accepted a position in the ICU, knowing I was accepting a two hour each way commute to work.  That’s right, I lived in Sacramento, but working here was worth it!  

     A lot has changed in my life since then.  I moved to the area about 6 months after I started, but my love of gardening has called me back to Sacramento where I’ve got a sizable vegetable garden and small orchard.  I still think working here is worth the commute.  It helps that I’m a huge fan of Audible and true crime podcasts!

     In addition to physically moving, I’ve also moved off the floor here at the hospital. I’ve gone from an on the floor technician to an off the floor manager role.  It’s one of the things that’s unique about Adobe is how much opportunity for growth there is.  The leadership of the hospital and my teammates have supported me throughout the years as I’ve overcome the inherent challenges of moving off the floor and into a significantly less clinical role.  Management isn’t just for technician’s with bad backs, it’s also for technician’s with anaphylactic antibiotic allergies and the desire to make a difference no matter the role they are in!

Jamie Holms, RVT, CPT1

Outpatient Department Manager

Intern Coordinator

RACE Program Administrator

Summer Holmstrand
Summer Holmstrand
      I have been lucky enough to have three incredible jobs during my 22 years in the veterinary world.  The first one was with my family vet, the second was at an emergency center in Humboldt County and Adobe is my third amazing job.
     My family vet took a chance on me and hired me the week I turned 16 years old and in so doing, gave me my first amazing job.  I was so excited!  I think I swept the floor 100 times that week!  I quickly learned how to room clients and patients, how to assist with surgeries and how to do dentals.  My mentor taught me that a good bedside manner went a long way with both clients and with the patients he always called ‘friend’.   I learned so much while working with him!
     My second fantastic job was as an emergency technician at an ER that served almost all of Humboldt County.  We were on call from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 8am, every other weekend. I quickly got comfortable assisting with GDVs, flushing/cleaning wounds inflicted by bears, boars and mountain lions and learned how to get clients through some of their toughest days of their lives.  I learned so much about emergency medicine during this job and was given a level or autonomy and trust I still cherish to this day.
     My third incredible job is the one I currently have at Adobe Animal Hospital.  I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing team of people to work with!  We are given the autonomy to do our job but have the support and guidance whenever you need it. I have been here for 9 years now (almost 10!) and I can safely say that not one single day has been the same.  And I love that!  No matter your position here there are always new things to do and to learn.  The environment encourages you to learn and to ask questions.  Overall, it’s a pretty amazing place in my book!
     Recently I’ve found a new passion to add to both my job and my personal life-teaching!  It started by going to the Foothill RVT classes to talk about how to write a cover letter and resume.  Now I have started teaching and doing lectures at local and national conferences!  I love talking about interviewing and getting people more comfortable with the thought of interviewing.  The thought of interviewing can be nerve wracking to most people and I’d hate to think somebody didn’t chase their dream because of this!  So I am hoping to help some techs out there find ways to be more comfortable in interviews and help them express who they are and what they can bring to the right team!

Summer Holmstrand, MBA

Hospital Administrator

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