Interviewing To Become An Adobe Superhero!

Welcome to Adobe Animal Hospital’s Interview Process!! This process is meant to be friendly and help us get to know you better.  We know that interviews can still be nerve wracking even if we put bean bag chairs in the office so we want to give you as much information as possible.

So, here’s how you become an Adobe Superhero!

  • First, review all open positions and apply for the position that you are most interested in.
  • Prepare a cover letter and your updated resume and upload it to the job ad you are most interested in.

Let’s pause here…not sure what to put in your cover letter?  

Check out this video from Summer, who is on interview team!


Okay, let’s get back to interviewing to become an Adobe superhero…

  • All applications, cover letters and resumes will be carefully and thoughtfully reviewed.
  • Everybody will get an email within 1 week of their application being submitted.
  • If moved on in the interview process you will be invited to do a phone interview.
  • The next step, if moved on in the interview process,  will be an in-person interview.
  • If moved on in the interview process you will be invited in for a working interview. This is a time for you to get to know our hospital, our culture, our team and the position.
  • After you complete the working interview you will receive an email containing our “working interview follow up”.

Our commitment to you-responses in 1 week or less! 

While this process may seem a little longer than most, it allows us to get to know YOU and whether you would be a good fit for our team and be successful with our hospital. It also allows you to get to know us, our culture, our teams and if our hospital will be the best place for the next step in your career.


You’ve been invited to come in for an interview-now what?!

What Types of Questions Are Asked In the Interviews?

During the in-person interview we will focus on behavioral questions and past job experience. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. It might be helpful to write down any questions you have and bring them with you.

Here’s an example of a question we might ask:

Describe a time when it was especially important to make a good impression on a client. How did you go about doing so?  What did you do for that client?  How did you balance this with your other responsibilities?  Who helped you with this?

Here is a question we won’t ask:

Who is your favorite comic superhero? And if you were a superhero, what type of cape would you wear and why?


 Behavioral interviewing-what is it and why do we use it?

Essentially behavioral interviewing are questions about how you have dealt with things at work or school in the past to see if you would be a good fit for Adobe.  Often these questions start off with the phrases “Tell me about a time when” or “Describe a situation when”.   We will often ask follow up questions to continue to get to know you.

This interview method so far proves to be the most effective interview style, but we also like it because it seems more like a conversation than the rapid fire, 20 question method we use to do!  Generally we only ask about 5-8 main questions and the rest are follow up questions!


 Prepping for a behavioral interview

I think the best way to prepare for a behavioral interview is to go online, search out these types of questions (there is a ton if you google them) and think about instances at work or school that fit the question.  Consider ones that went well for you in the end (even if they are about conflict) and that you are not currently in the middle of.  For example, if you talk about a difficult coworker situation that you are currently experiencing, it is hard to keep your emotions from overwhelming you, and it’s hard to get back on track! So think about something that happened last year or the year before that while uncomfortable then, you now work really well with that person!

 Double check your invitation

Double check your interview invite to make sure you know which hospital the interview is at, what to bring for the interview and how to schedule a tour before your interview (highly recommended if it fits in your schedule).