Disaster Preparedness Seminar with Dr Cristi Blackwolf




























Our First Seminar of the year was on Disaster Preparedness and was hosted by Dr. Cristi Blackwolf, DVM. It was a great talk which covered, first aid, CPR and safe bandaging techniques for our pets. There were demonstrations and hands on practice for participants. She also covered what to do in a natural disaster and the basic supplies you need to have on hand for both you and your pets. This is vital information for those living in the Bay Area  to help you and your pets if the need comes. Thank you Dr. Blackwolf for this great talk!!

Upcoming Events:

Our Next Seminar will be held May 14th and it will cover the Care of Senior dogs. Older Dogs are special members of our families, sometimes we have to make special adjustments to keep them healthy and safe. I will cover natural aging changes and tips for caring for older pets.

I hope you will Join me for this informative talk!


Dr. Nancy ODay, DVM

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