Kitten Care – Vaccinations

The first set of vaccines should be given when the kitten is six to nine weeks old. All kittens should receive FVRCP, which is Feline Viral Rhinotrachetis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Chlamydia


Getting Your Cat To The Veterinarian

Reducing the stress of veterinary visits for you and your cat

Providing good health care, especially preventative health care, can allow your cats to have longer, more comfortable lives.&nbs


Hospital Achieves Gold!

Adobe Animal Hospital is proud to announce that we have achieved Gold Level Certification of the American Association of Feline Practioners Cat Friendly Practice Program.  This is the program


Ebola And Your Pets

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is keeping a close eye on the Ebola crisis. UC Davis veterinarians (both researchers and clinicians, including infectious disease specialists), as well as


You Have A Lost Pet

Lost Pet

Act Quickly!

1. Check ALL local shelters frequently and in person.

2. Fill out a Lost-Animal profile for the shelter (A good photo is a big help!).

3. Adverti