Ebola And Your Pets

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is keeping a close eye on the Ebola crisis. UC Davis veterinarians (both researchers and clinicians, including infectious disease specialists), as well as i


Adobe Animal Hospital Suggestions for Flying with your Pet

Be Prepared

Prior to flying with your pet, you and your veterinarian will want to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to travel by air. Proper crating is necessary, and most cats and ve


Ten Things – Traveling With Your Pet

Ten things to know about traveling with your pet Timing is everything!

Be aware that this process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. Do your research early s


Spaying Your Female Dog

“Spaying” refers to any surgical procedure which removes the ovaries, the source of hormones that cause female dogs to have estrus cycles (“heats”) and allows them to reproduce. There are a


Before You Get an Exotic Pet

Before you get an exotic pet, ask yourself why you want it. Do you really like the special qualities of that exotic pet, or do you just want to show off to your friends? There are many reasons why peo