Dr Todd Kelman

Dr Todd Kelman Adobe Animal Hospital

School:University of California at Davis, 2008

 Special Interests: Emergency and Critical Care, Biomedical Engineering

 Pets: Macey, my Boston/Frenchie mix (acquired while working emergency, of course)

 My route to veterinary medicine was a bit circuitous, involving a decade in engineering where I helped develop many types of medical diagnostic devices that we use daily here at Adobe (like hematology analyzers and ultrasound). While I enjoyed the technical challenge, there was just something missing from the experience, and I followed my heart to California, and ultimately UC Davis, for training in veterinary medicine.

 I’ve found that emergency and critical care is very much a melding of medicine and engineering, as the logical and deterministic thought processes nutured in my first career are very much suited to working up cases in the ICU. While it can be tremendously taxing both physically and emotionally (and I’ve certainly had my share of tear-jerker cases), I wouldn’t want it any other way, and feel that it’s equally important to support both the client and patient during their stay at Adobe. 

I love the open hospital format that we maintain at Adobe, and the collegial environment that has been fostered by Dr. Roos since day one. I very much hope you enjoy your experience here, and please do ask questions of us at any time – we’re here to help! Oh, and don’t be offended if I call your sweetie “meatball” or “nugget” – those are just some of my pet names, so to speak, and they’re far too ingrained in my head for me to stop now!

My personal voicemail: (650) 209 – 9393