Dr Sarah Thompson

Dr Sarah Thompson Adobe Animal Hospital

School: University of California at Davis, 2000 

Special Interests: General practice medicine and surgery for companion animals. I love working with dogs and cats, and I also have experience with a wide variety of other species, including goats, horses, llamas, sheep and cows.

 Pets: Colby, the amazingly patient yellow lab who spends most of his days hanging out at Adobe, a short, rotund grey kitty named The Tick, and Wall-E the Russian tortoise 

I am thrilled to have become part of the Adobe team. My route to joining the practice in October 2007 has been a winding road. I was born in Walnut Creek, but only because my mother looked at the naval hospital in Singapore, where my father was stationed, and said “no way”! We returned to Singapore after I was born, and then embarked on a number of reassignments.

 From Singapore to 2 years in the snow in Chicago, then Sydney, Australia, on to San Francisco, Hong Kong, Thailand, Connecticut and Los Angeles. Determined not to move again, I enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles with my sights set on law school. One year of political science courses and an overpriced studio apartment quickly convinced me this was not what I wanted. The one constant throughout my life had been animals.

I had been riding horses since second grade, and I had always had a deep love for the animal members of our family. Suddenly a light bulb went on – vet school! Why not work with the animals that I love? So I transferred to U.C. Davis in the spring of 1992, and I was home. I was ecstatic to have a dorm room facing the dairy cows (all my roommates hated it, especially on hot days).

 I worked as a technician in the equine ICU and joined the U.C. Davis Equestrian Team. I obtained my undergraduate degree in biology in 1995, with a minor in medieval European history. I spent the next year working in a virology lab researching infectious disease in horses and cows, and started veterinary school in 1996. 

My primary focus in veterinary school was equine medicine and after graduation I joined a mixed large animal practice in Elk Grove. My patients included horses, sheep, goats, cows, pigs and even ostriches. In 2001 I transitioned to companion animal medicine in Sacramento, and I have really enjoyed keeping my clients furry family members happy and healthy.

 My son Benjamin was born in 2003, and my daughter Isabelle in 2007. I relocated to the bay area just before Isabelle was born, and I love the foggy mornings and the much cooler summers. Adobe has become my family away from home. When I’m not here, Ben, Isabelle and I are gardening, building lego projects, having picnics and taking day trips to the beach, and given the opportunity, I practice yoga and indulge in an unfortunate addiction to reality TV.

My personal voicemail: (650) 209 – 9372