Puppy stuck in the birth canal

Sometimes puppies get lodged just before making it all the way out. You may be able to help move the puppy along. If you can see part of the puppy hanging out of the vaginal area, use a washcloth to firmly grasp the puppy. Make certain that you are able to grasp more than one tiny body part. If just one leg is out, gently feel around to see if the other leg is accessible. Once you have a good grasp maintain a gently, steady pressure DOWNWARD, in the direction of the line of the birth mother’s tail since that is the direction of the birth canal. As she pushes, you need to increase your pull; when she stops pushing, maintain the puppy’s position rather than letting it sucked back in. The puppy should come out within a minute or so. If you cannot grasp the puppy, or if no progress is made, please call and bring your dog in IMMEDIATELY.

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