Puppy Pointers – Pests

Flea Control This is a time of great advances in the area of flea and tick control products. There are a wide variety of products available at this time. Many of the products are safe to use on puppies. Ask your veterinarian which of the products may suit your needs. It is usually not necessary to use these products for prophylaxis. Instead, they are used when you see fleas. The most common brand names are Advantage and Frontline. Parasites and Deworming Veterinarians are divided on the subject of routine deworming of puppies, especially in this area of the country. Some believe that it is not necessary to deworm puppies until a fecal sample has tested possible for worms or if worms have been seen. Other doctors believe that it is usually necessary and not harmful to routinely deworm puppies. Because many puppies will get round worms from their mothers across the placenta during development, they should all be dewormed twice, approximately three weeks apart. Oftentimes this is done by the breeder. Since not all dewormers kill all types of parasites, a fecal exam in addition to routine deworming is essential if a puppy is having diarrhea or foul smelling stool.

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