Kitten Care – Declaw

There is much controversy surrounding the declawing procedure, which involves removing the claw in conjunction with the last bone of each digit. There are several alternatives to declawing. These include nail trims, Soft Paws(R) (rubber caps glued onto the nails each month), and tendonectomy (tendon to the nail is cut on each claw, which prevents the cat from extending and retracting the claw). Scratching is a normal behavior in cats. Unfortunately, inappropriate scratching can destroy furniture. Proper training onto scratching posts can sometimes be the answer to furniture destruction. The choice to declaw your pet needs to be made between you and your veterinarian. Declawing is an acceptable surgery if it is perform properly. It is not a routine surgery and should not be treated as such. Postoperative recovery requires pain medication. Most cats will fully recover and have no long term pain. Not all veterinarians will perform declawing surgery. If you are considering declawing your kitten, make an appointment to discuss the benefits and risks.

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