Kitten Care – Marking

Inappropriate Urination vs Spraying/Marking “Inappropriate urination” is considered to occur anytime a cat urinates outside the litter pan. Spraying/marking and inappropriate urination are different and it must be determined which is occurring before treatment can be initiated. When urinating, a cat squats and holds its tail parallel to the floor. The cat will void a large amount of urine in one place. When spraying, the cat does not squat and instead will hold the tail erect and sprays urine onto a vertical surface. In this case, a small amount of urine is passed. The cat will often wiggle its tail while in this position. Males are more likely to spray then females. Spraying can often be prevented by neutering males before sexual maturity at six to eight months old. Both sexes are equally as likely to inappropriately urinate. Both conditions tend to develop over time, rather then present in young kittens. If your kitten or cat is having litter box issues, make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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